Current Beauty Favorites

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Current Beauty Favorites

I spaced a bit on my March Favorites post, so I decided to share a couple of products I am currently loving. I cannot believe another month has flown by!

KIKO Milano Water Eyeshadow 208

Kiko water Eyeshadow 208
I use this eyeshadow as a highlighter and it is stunning. From what I understand it is a dupe for MAC in extra dimension in Whisper of Guilt, MAC Oh Darling and Estee Lauder Heat Wave. And unlike all the other products, the Kiko Water Eyeshadow #208 is actually available for purchase on the Kiko website.
Kiko Water Eyeshadow 208
Kiko water Eyeshadow 208

e.l.f. Cuticle pen 

e.l.f. cuticle pen

A while back, the e.l.f. website had a free shipping promo so I picked up a bunch of the cuticle pens. They only cost $1,00 so I bought several to keep in my purse, by my bed, in my car, and anywhere else I could think of. I suffer from extremely dry cuticles, and I do not have the strongest nails so anything I can do to moisturize my cuticles improves the quality of my new nail growth.

Fun fact, once the oil inside the pen runs out you can remove the bottom of the pen, fill it with your own cuticle oil and continue to use it. 

This is by far my holy grail Body Wash. The only negative aspect about this product is its hefty price tag. While I classify it as a body wash, I would put it into a category all its own. It is an oil that creates a tiny bit of suds when put on a loofah or sponge. It is incredibly moisturizing and the sweet almond scent is heavenly. It also leaves my skin incredibly soft. While I highly recommend this product to others, I would also recommend that you wait to purchase it during a Sephora sale or L'OCCITANE sale.

I would love to hear what products you are loving right now! Leave me a comment and let me know what you are loving!


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